Take a walk with CR-Y1 and meet his robot friends.
CONTROLS: to move WASD, to restart R

Originally a submission for GMTK Game Jam 2020. Theme: Out Of Control.

SPOLIERS If you're too lazy to copy the last bit, here:

1: Ebv Jlilze, al tb exsb ollj clo lkb jlob pqoxv?
2: Vbp, texq zixpp?
1: Klq prob. Kbsbo pbbk lkb ifhb fq ybclob.
1: Qefp lkb.
2: Le kl. Fq'p qexq xkklvfkd V1 xdxfk.
3: Qeb lkb qexq hbbmp zlkqoliifkd qeb pzoxmp?
4: Obxi pmbzfxi qexq lkb.
2: F'a pxv abpqolv fq, yrq tb kbba qeb mxoqp.
2: Mrq fq yxzh altkpqxfop. Xp cxo xp vlr zxk.
3: Xka ilzh qeb allop ybefka vlr.
4: Vbxe, ilzh obxi qfdeq.
1: Xiofdeq.


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Wow! It's crazy to think this was a made for a game jam. Everything is so clean and polished and I didn't encounter any bugs.

The story was really interesting and made me want to finish to the end. It also helped by having flavor text to introduce mechanics. It did character building very well. It's mildly depressing but I enjoy story's like that. Have you ever played "DATA WING"? This game gives me that that same vibe.♥ I appreciate the coded text at the end. When I played DDLC I spent the time to decode all the massages and hidden content so if you added bonus levels and hidden content I would love that.

The mechanics are really fun in a relaxing way. The sounds make moving around satisfying. I like how the sounds aren't harsh 8-bit sounds. The movement and sound is very soft despite this being about robots.

My only complaint is there is no background music. If this had it's own OST and a handful of more factory's to solve puzzles in, this would be a complete game I would buy.

Some Music I think would fit this game is the last half of "one weird tip - LemonDemon" and "Metamodernity - Vansire" but that's just what I imagine. :)

Would it be ok if I featured your game in a video on my YT channel? Thanks for reading and yes, I would love more of this game.


Thanks a lot for the suggestions! And I'm glad you liked it!

Of course! Feel free to use my game any way you like yeah!


If your wondering what code to use to decode the ending it's 23 A-X


That was really fun! Big emotional ouch at the end, for some reason 5 pixels have never looked so devastated! And the convo at the end-- oof! That was very enjoyable :)

Thanks for playing :)