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please make it so we can continue to grow the village if we want to

I would love to do that, but maybe I need to add some sort of challenge after the end. Otherwise, it would get boring quickly.


I know that you havent really done anything for almost a year, but I would love to see this concept fleshed out more, its very fun, and I would definitely be willing to buy a full fledged game like this.

Is there only supposed to be text right now, because that is all I see, and I've tried playing through twice.

very cool! really good game mechanics and interesting to see what you achieved with just two choices! how can i save the blossom merchants? or is there a bug, because i think they were still alive in the end...


Beat the dragon at first gameplay :) Really liked how is mixed the game mechanics with the narrative.

Looks totally bugged to me. No graphisms, just a grey circle and text. And only the options on the left are visible. :/

(I'm on Firefox)

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Ok, so I fixed something. Don't know if it works for you now?

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Had a real problem with the RNG. I would build up A LOT of food but I could never use it before the travellers left because my guy would just goto farms and shelters that already had a person in them and after they left I would lose all my food. It was quite frustrating.

The game is fantastic though, it is a lot of fun and impressive for such a short amount of time to make it in.


I loved the way you managed to do BOTH themes really well, and i like the thought that a simple decision of this or that can affect life or death of a whole town.

The lack of audio reminds me of text games like Zork and in my opinion adds to the attmosphere.

I lasted 503 days, amazing work :D


Really like the growth and systems in play. Especially with towers and statues.