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cool game

Are you supposed to be able to get out the hole in floor chapter 4? the one with the yellow room?


cool little game, love the story


How the heck do you get to the yellow butterfly? (I NEED ANSWERS!!!)

Mirror room on first floor. Top right :)

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Please make more, i had a idea that is a patient that can transform into stuff, but only if she can see it


That's a cool idea actually!


OK, tell me if I'm being an idiot, but I've searched far and wide for the vent to the yellow butterfly in subject 26

(Also cool game! =D )

the camera is a little messed up but im sure it could be a great game

It's intentional. Screen by screen is supposed to bring nostalgia :D Sorry it annoyed you.

I can't wait to see this game finished! Keep up the amazing work. Hopefully a full screen version will be added too.

This was a beautiful experience

That was poetic, beautiful.


I love the graphic style, unfortunately I can't understand it since I don't have a high level of English.


That was an awesome game with great ambiance!


amazing game

can you explore after you beat it?


It's so interesting how the character you play as sees things so much differently than you. Like with the red paint saying purple and the clocks reading different times when pressed on but always seeming to be 14:11


That was mental amzing!

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very fun + cool concept!


This was amazing! After I beat it once and got the message that I missed things, I had to replay it and record it! It's up on my channel now:


I'm stuck on level 2...Amazing game!!!

It's a great game!

nice one. cool puzzles


Wow, I really liked this! I enjoyed the concept a whole lot. It would be awesome to see this as a bigger game.

Looks great - reminds me of Another World. =)